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Real Estate Law

Lower Your Risk and Protect Your Investments

Matters involving complicated real estate laws and legal issues can be overwhelming for even the most savvy real estate player. For most businesses and individuals, the largest financial investments of their business and personal ventures involve real estate.  At the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen, you will receive advice that will help you to understand your options, lower your risk and protect your investments.

All Aspects of Real Estate Purchases, Sales, Financing and Leasing

At the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen, our focus is on providing high quality legal services for both commercial and residential real estate clients. We work with individuals, business owners, in-house counsel, local and national title insurance companies, banks, and lenders, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, property managers and leasing agents, in all aspects of real estate purchases, sales, financing and leasing.

Over the past five years, we have participated in the sale, purchase, leasing and financing of more that $500 million in real estate transactions. We have represented clients in modest residential transactions (“For Sale by Owner”) and in commercial real estate deals involving millions of dollars. Regardless of the complexity of a real estate transaction, we provide skilled and experienced professional services.

An added value of our firm is our on-site title insurance and surveying services available to our clients.

As St. Louis real estate attorneys, we handle a broad range of real estate matters including: