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Health Care Law

Successful Health Care Practice 

Health care in this country is a difficult business. The regulatory issues are complex, and the ability to conform, and at times, challenge those regulations is critical to a successful health care practice whether you are a hospital, a physician practice group, or other provider of health care services.

Obtaining the Most for our Healh Care Clients

At the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen we have been providing health care law support to hospitals and other health care providers for years. With a particular emphasis on administrative law and rule-making, we have worked successfully on obtaining the most for clients within the health care regulatory scheme in the State of Missouri and Illinois.

And sometimes, our attorneys have changed the way the State does business with health care providers. In Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Services v. Little Hills Healthcare, L.L.C., 236 S.W.3d 637 (en banc 2007), the Missouri Supreme Court upheld our client's view or regulatory rule making. At last count, Little Hills has been cited or discussed in over sixty different cases and commentaries. This case profoundly affects the way administrative agencies make rules in the State of Missouri.